It is with a heavy heart that Session and I have determined together to cancel worship and all church activities for the foreseeable future.  As the Covid-19 virus continues to spread throughout our country, the recommendation of doctors and scientists is that we all stay home as much as possible.  I would hate for one of our members to inadvertently make another member sick at our church.  And so, we are closing the building to all activities for the time being.
     I know that worship is terribly important to us all and so I want to continue to provide opportunities for you to connect with each other (virtually) and with God during this time.  Starting tomorrow, I will email out a worship service that you can do at home.  This will include reading, prayers, and even suggested hymns that you might sing without accompaniment.  God is with us even when we aren't at church!
     As far as community connection I would invite you to remember your neighbors.  Who sits near you on Sunday?  Give them a call to say hello.  Who might you check on as we all hide out at home.  Call our elderly, homebound, and potentially lonely members at this time.  Think someone might have missed this email?  Please call them so they know we aren't having church tomorrow.  Maybe someone needs a hand getting prescriptions or buying groceries.  Can we save someone a trip out by dropping a few needed items at their doorstep?  Let us remember our neighbors in this time of need.
     Again I am sorry for the inconvenience of this situation.  We are all treading in waters we have never seen before.  But as I mentioned in worship last week, God goes with us into unknown and frightening places.  The Lord is with us, even if we cannot be together.
     So please, watch for a worship email tomorrow.  And in the meantime, check on a church member that is close to your heart or you think might need a phone call.  
     In Christ with hope and love - Pastor Heather

Mid Week Reflections

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