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     What a wonderful Easter Sunday we had here at First Presbyterian Church! So many folks gathered for the tasty breakfast provided by Worship Committee and friends. There was plenty of delicious food and fellowship to go around. Teresa Janvrin, Carole Nimmer, and the Mid-High School Sunday school class provided a wonderful Easter Egg Hunt for all the kids. We had so many children this year it was a marvel to see everyone outside enjoying the fun. Easter Sunday is always a treat. I wish it could last all year! (Hint: It can.)
     Sometimes we forget that Easter is a whole season in the life of the church and not just one Sunday. The whole month of May we will be celebrating the Easter Season here in church. We will sing Easter hymns, read texts about the resurrected Lord, and ponder the promise of new life. As always, there will be thoughtful sermons, special music, and wonderful chances to meet new friends in worship. Those things are a part of the life of the church every Sunday.  
     Though I will be here every Sunday to celebrate with you, this month I am also celebrating Easter renewal in a new way. I will be traveling to Minneapolis May 13-17 for the Festival of Homiletics. This super abundant preaching conference is a Pentecost-like celebration of the Holy Spirit in the church. This is a week full of exciting preaching and lectures about preaching in multiple venues in downtown Minneapolis. I am sure to return with a new joy and zeal for my time in the pulpit.  
     This is a busy month for the community of Warrensburg as well. The school year is coming to a close and I know at the Jepsen house the calendar is full. From field trips and special events to the last days of school and the big dance recital, there is a lot of new life and energy in our house these days. The Easter spirit is alive and strong, especially when my kids consider the renewal of summer break which is on the horizon.
     As followers of Christ, it is good for us to remember that we can bring the joy of Easter into our lives daily this spring. As you go outside and witness the beauty of nature, consider the promise of new life we find in our Lord. As you continue to celebrate and gather with family and friends, enjoy the presence of the Holy Spirit that connects us together as God’s people. As you look ahead to summer plans, think on the chance for renewal and new life that God continually offers to us.        
Even if you are stuck in a place of fretting about the darkness in the world around us, you can embrace the story of our Risen Lord as hope for a new day that will dawn in God’s time. Easter celebration can be a part of our everyday lives.
     This month, the Easter celebration continues, here at church and in your own heart. Let us give thanks to God for the wondrous promise of Easter and for the joy we feel today and every day. New life is dawning, death and destruction will not have the final word. Let’s celebrate together! See you in church!

                                                                   With Love, Pastor Heather

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